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BJ's is the exclusive local dealer for Mizutani scissors.  100% idividually hand crafted in Japan since 1921.  We believe Mizutani is the best scissor available in the marketplace today, at any price, and is the only scissor we carry for display. Check out their website, or contact BJ's Rapid Edge for a personal showing of this world class scissor.


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SWORD DB-20 is the next generation of steel that is made from Nano Powder Metal. A highly precision bearing system provides unparalleled accuracy in cutting. A true all around scissor.  Right hand only  5.7 - 7.2

Fit Speedstar

This shear is our best seller.  The one and only Mizutani double swivel. The absolutely unique design rotates in all directions on an amazingly smooth ball bearing system. If you are a swivel user, you must try this. If you are experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms, this could save your career.  Available in right and left handed, 5.0-6.5.



The ACRO TYPE-K model is an all around scissor that excels in precision work. A newer “edgy” design uses a flat screw that you can adjust from the back. The ergonomic handle not only provides a perfect fit, but eases stress to your fingers from every angle of use. Removable finger rest is optional.  Available in right and left hand models, 5.0"-7.0"  

Baby Leaf

ACRO Baby Leaf

These small 4.3 scissors are not just a tiny pair of scissors. The small leaf blades are easy to maneuver and enable users to execute a pinpoint slide stroke. The scissors can match with customer needs, such as wanting to change a look without changing the length and wanting to fix damaged hair. As the Baby Leaf makes it possible to control volume without thinning, you won’t lighten the weight of the hair too much and you don’t have to feel nervous such as when using standard-size cutting scissors. By making the scissors only 4.3 long, they fit nicely in the palm of the hand and enable you to cut hair as if pinching a small bundle between your fingers.  Click on the picture for a Demonstration video.

Below are the web sites for other suppliers. We can get scissors from them by special request, but do not stock them for display, or sale. Follow the links for shopping opportunities then contact BJ's Rapid Edge via email or phone.

Sorry, we can't do the closeout or seasonal specials offered on a suppliers websites, as these may or may not be available at any given time.  All sales from below listed suppliers are absolutely final.   

scissor Mall

Scissor Mall distributes for Shisato, Mirage, Debut, Dynasty & Yasaka. Shisato and Yasaka are made in Japan.

Nina inc.

Nina Inc is distributer for several high-end shears including;

Aikyo, Akkohs, Elite Classic, Joewell, Kasho, Matsuzaki, Tara, Yasaka, Yoko & Yuroshi.

Shark Fin


For Sharkfin Professional and Sharkfin Monarch Shears.

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